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When Campus II was first established, it took over the facilities of Nguyen Ai Quoc V Party School with an area of ​​over 16 hectares, including several levels of four houses built over 60 years ago, severely degraded. To ensure its operation, Campus II always pays attention, cares, and invests in renovating and building new schools, experiments, and dormitories... to improve the quality of teaching, scientific research, etc., activities of students and faculty. In recent years, Campus II has actively set up many projects on building facilities, repairing and anti-degradation, planning projects, and embellishing the school's campus with the state budget. And partly from the University's funding with a total investment of tens of billions of Vietnamese dong, creating a significant change in facilities, and experimental equipment, contributing to improving the quality of training, scientific research capacity, and technology transfer.

Currently, Campus II has a spacious facility with a system of training facilities, including the Lecture Hall, with nearly 80 classrooms and fully equipped audio-visual teaching equipment. Including online teaching, 16 specialized laboratories (basic science, electricity - electronics, mechanics, construction) with many modern laboratory equipments for training, scientific research and production labour. Conference and seminar rooms are also invested and built to organize international seminars and scientific research conferences of lecturers and students of the University.

The functional boards' administrative area and working houses have been renovated and invested with modern equipment. The system of trees and flower gardens in the working place is interested in investment, creating a green-clean-beautiful environment.

Some photos of UTC2 over the years:


Previous Lecture Hall C2

Lecture Hall C2 Now

Lecture Hall E2 in 2000

Functional Lecture Hall now

Lecture Hall C1 in 1995

Lecture Hall C1 now

Ofice Area in 1999

Office Area Now

Hall D1 in 2005

Hall D1 now

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