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Since the establishment of Campus II, the University has determined that university training is a crucial task throughout the construction and development process at Campus II. The development of training professions to suit the needs of society and learners is always concerned by the School and Campus II and has a specific plan for each course. From the major (Transport Economics) with 100 students when it was first established in 1990, now the branch is training 18 majors with a training scale of nearly 7,000 students of all systems and graduate students.

To affirm the position of the University in the southern region, in 1997, Campus II hosted the 7th National Mathematical Olympiad. It was the first time a national-scale academic competition. As a result, the Mathematics Olympiad team of Campus II achieved many achievements in this competition, partly showing the students' talents. In the annual Olympic competitions for students of technical universities, Campus II also always performs high awards.

Before the 2009-2010 school year, Facility II implemented the form of training according to the academic year system. From the 2009-2010 school year, following the direction of the University, university training activities at Campus II have changed from year-based training to credit-based, learner-centred training. Campus II has regularly implemented many synchronous solutions to improve the quality of training and better meet the needs of students and graduate students, such as: promoting the application of information technology to the public sector. Management activities, building online services for students, making study plans, making timetables, strengthening inspection and testing to ensure discipline in teaching and learning. Since 5 In 2015, Facility II actively built the integrated management software system TMS 1.0, making the training management scientific, fast, accurate, and the entire training process carried out seamlessly. In implementing the school year plan, the teaching organization was carried out methodically, initially allowing students to choose the lecturer and study time, the organization of sub-terms, learning to improve scientific performance, and integrating them into the primary semester. The arrangement of the exam schedule has been completed, ensuring compliance with regulations and science and creating the most favorable conditions for students. The work of reviewing and granting diplomas and transcripts to students provides accuracy and transparency. The provision of administrative services for learners is also focused by the branch, bringing practical benefits, creating a modern, fast and friendly environment for learners through public administrative services. Online application has been applied by the Branch since February 2018, with many levels four e-government services.

In 2015, the Campus cooperated with units of the University to carry out the accreditation of the University's quality at Campus II and verify three training programs, namely Traffic Construction Engineering, Construction Economics, and Transport Operation (March 2016). The Campus, together with the University, is the first unit to conduct accreditation of the school and training programs according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training.

From 2018 to now, the branch has presided over the construction of 2 new training programs, the Department of Intelligent Transport - ITS, and the Department of Architecture. It is currently recruiting and training.

Postgraduate training is given special attention and is considered one of the spearheads of affirming the University's brand. Since 1996, the University has assigned Campus II to provide postgraduate training. Currently, Campus II has trained 21 courses (from Course 3 to Course 24) with about 2700 graduates. The management of graduate students has come into order more closely, has assigned responsibilities and assigned tasks to each unit in the direction of students and classes.



Students of Course 30 defended their project (The first course of university training at Campus II)



Graduation ceremony of the 36th Construction Economics class in 1999



Awarding diplomas in courses 34 and 35



K36 Road and Bridge class went to practice at Dong Nai Bridge


Graduation ceremony of the 36th Class of Construction Economics, 1999



Hosted the National Student Math Olympiad in 1990


Field visit to FPT Company in 2017


Visiting the actual construction of Metro Tunnel No. 1 in 2017


The ceremony of awarding the PhD and MSc diplomas of the 20th and 21st courses in 2015


Graduation ceremony in 2021

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