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Youth Union - Campus II Student Union under the Youth Union and Student Union of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, the Youth Union and the Student Union of the University are always connected, in line with the goals and plans of the superiors. The content of activities is consistently promoted and highly effective: education work, movement work, youth gathering, and union building. Leadership has always been focused and improved. Movements to promote self-consciousness in learning, scientific research and participation in culture, arts, sports, and involvement in Green Summer are constantly launched. Union members and students respond to them. Regularly organize knowledge training courses for the staff of the Union and Association.

The school union and the Student Union have coordinated to mobilize students to be serious in exams, dress politely and bring cards when going to school, propagate traffic safety laws, and organize cultural and artistic activities. Sport; organize classes to improve soft skills for students, organize "Traffic Safety Day", mobilize students to join voluntary blood donation, participate in Green Summer, support exam season... Doan Thanh Nien and the Student Union campaigned and established a scholarship fund, "For poor students", to regularly award scholarships to poor students in Cu Chi and District 9 of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh; launched the student movement "5 good" among students, the unit with five good students at the central level. Students continuously won the "January Star" award for many years.

Incredibly, in recent years, the Youth Union and the Student Union of the Campus II have organized many cultural - physical training - sports activities; collected ten voluntary blood donations for staff, lecturers and students, with over 10,090 blood units donated; organized many charity activities such as visiting, giving gifts to the lonely elderly, giving gifts to orphans and needy children. Established six more academic clubs and teams and set up the UTC2 Student Support Office, a bridge between students and departments, departments and centers supporting students in study and accommodation. Employment is a gathering place for students to help each other in learning, research, arts, and sports to create a dynamic, friendly, and inclusive learning environment.

Besides, fulfilling political tasks well, Grassroots II always strictly abides by the Party's regimes and policies and the State's laws; well comply with the Ministry of Education and Training, the University and the locality. Facility II has a close relationship with the locality and fully participates in organized and launched local movements.


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/1. Ánh sáng văn hóa hè 1996.JPG

Cultural light in summer 1996


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/2.Ra mắt Hội sinh viên Nhiệm Kỳ I.JPG

Launch of Student Union Term I


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/3. Hưởng ứng hoạt động sinh viên TPHCM năm 2002.JPG

Orientation to student activities in Ho Chi Minh City in 2002


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/4. Tiếng hát sinh viên Giao thông Năm 2000..jpg

Singing of Traffic Students in 2000


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/5. Mùa hè xanh năm 2009.JPG

Green Summer 2009


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/6. Hội thi Duyên dáng nữ sinh Giao thông Năm 2014.jpg

School-girl Charming Contest 2014


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/7. Hội trại Năm 2005.jpg

Camp in 2005


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/8. Hành trình xe đạp du khảo 2015.jpg

Bicycle tour in 2015


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/9. vòng Chung kết Hội thi mô hình chuyên ngành năm 2020 tổ chức tại PH 13.7.2020.jpg

Final Round of Specialized Model Contest 2020


/Users/lengocvien/Downloads/10. 09.11.2019 nhóm sv thực hiện đề tài cầu Red Star nhận huy chương vàng tại liên hoan tuổi trẻ sáng tạo TP. HCM.jpg

The group of students doing the Red Star bridge project received
the Gold Medal at City Creative Youth Festival. Ho Chi Minh

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