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In the early days of establishment, Campus II focused on building facilities and training. Only since 1997 scientific research work has been carried out. Although the scientific staff is still small, the teaching volume is quite large, and some lecturers are concurrently responsible for management work. The scientific research work among lecturers and students has achieved remarkable positive and progressive results.

To quickly apply scientific and technical advances to production practice and simultaneously bring practical experiences into the classroom, Campus II has strengthened cooperation with departments, branches and localities. And enterprises under the agreement signed by the University, such as with the Departments of Transport of Can Tho, Binh Thuan, Tay Ninh, Project Management Board 7. Campus II has organized or coordinated many successful organizations. Scientific conferences are attracting the attention of many scientists, businesses, managers, lecturers and students with partners such as Nippon Steel Corporation (Japan), British Council and Sterling Group, and Holcim cement company.

A bright spot in scientific research activities is that the Campus has coordinated many international conferences, such as organizing the AITC International Conference and collaborating with Feng Chia University (Taiwan) to manage the international conference "Building a successful city". Smart city in Vietnam: vision and solutions" on September 5, 2018. The conference attracted the attention of hundreds of scientists, managers, domestic and foreign businesses, and press agencies. The success of the seminars has contributed to raising the position of the University and the Branch, particularly in the country and the region.



Seminars in training and scientific research in 2000



Seminars “ 15 years of building up and developing Campus II” in 2005



The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement about training and
technology – science in 2006


Acceptance of student research topic in 2008



The Cisco Foundation Thematic Report for Students of the Campus in 2014



The Signing ceremony of cooperation agreement to publish 3-school magazines in 2015


Acceptance of City-level Science and Technology project of
Dr Ngo Chau Phuong in 2015



Coordination  with the City Department of Transport Ho Chi Minh City in organizing the Workshop “Development model of intelligent traffic control center” in 2016



SmartCity International Conference 2018



AITC International Conference to be held at Campus II in 2020

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